Sound healing is a Tibetan art of healing which has its root in Tibet . The healing is performed using  the traditional singing bowls made up of different metals known as Tibetan sound bowls used since 8th century AD . Sound Healing is a healing procedure based on sound and vibrations which are played to re tune our body . The healing is done so effortlessly to remove all the blockages from the body and develops a healthy flow using the vibrations and sounds of the singing bowls.

Levels Taught In Our School

We have different levels for beginners to advanced levels and mastership programme as well, depending on your requirements, interest and knowlegde.

Benefits Of Sound Healing:

• Sound healing creates a synchronicity of the body
• Reduces stress
• Improves concentration
• Improves immunity
• Maintains the blood pressure
• Harmonizes the chakras .
• Removes mental and emotional negativity
• Enhances creativity of an individual.

We teach this ancient science of healing in our school to the beginners as well as the advanced courses are also taught by a renowned holistic healer who has been doing this from past 20 years. From teaching how to play the bowls to different techniques to cure any kind of illness, different healing therapies, how to choose the right bowls and how to heal yourself and others and many other unique ways are included in the course.

Tibetan Sound Healing Course Schedule and Price (2017-18)

Tibetan Sound Healing Level - Beginner

1st & 2nd July

Tibetan Sound Healing Level - Middle

3rd & 4th July

Tibetan Sound Healing Level - Higher

5th TO 6th July

Tibetan Sound Healing Level - Professional

7th TO 8th July

Tibetan Sound Healing Level - Mastership

9th TO 10th July

* Same dates every month till December 2017(except June). These Prices don't include food & accommodation.


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These all prices doesn't include accommodation & food.