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Reiki is derived from a combination of two Japanese words "ray" which means 'Sun Rays' and 'ki' which means 'Key'.

Reiki is a healing which is practiced to cure any kind of diseases in a human body without the usage of any medicines or instruments. Reiki helps you to protect and build your AURA in a way through which you can actually make a shield around your body which stops any kind of negative element to enter your body be it illness or any psychological issues. It also helps you to balance your chakras and keep them aligned in a way to keep you mentally and physically fit. Reiki healing is not just self healing but also includes healing others around you as well as distance healing.


In our school 'MAAYAA INTERNATIONAL HEALING SCHOOL' we teach all the levels of Reiki Healing .

Levels Of Reiki Healing We Taught In Our School:

We have our regular basic level :

Level 1 and 2 for the beginners
LEVEL 3rd for advanced healers
Final Grandmaster course, for the teacher training in Reiki.

reiki healing session

reiki healing in maayaa school

Reiki healing increases your life force energy and heals you quickly. MAAYAA with her Reiki Healing has healed patients with depression, anxiety, stress , release fears and suppresses feeling and emotions. Some major advantages of learning reiki healing are mentioned below.

Benefits Of Reiki Healing :

1. Improves Mental Health
2. Releases Stress
3. Emotional Balancing
4. Distance Healing
5. Chakra Balancing
6. Cleansing Aura

Reiki Healing Schedule and Price (2017-18)

Reiki Healing Level - Beginner

3rd of Every Month

Reiki Healing Level - Middle

4th of Every Month

Reiki Healing Level - Master

10th of Every Month

Reiki Healing Grand Master

12th Of Every Month

*Same dates every month till December 2017(except June). These Prices don't include food & accommodation.

Reiki Healing :