chakra healing in rishikesh india

CHAKRA is a word derived from Sanskrit language which means 'circle' or 'cycle' . They are the circle of energy and these circles are like the aligning parts of the body. For instance : A car doesn't move or function without its wheels , the same way there are different chakras presented in our body which helps us to function by maintaining the equilibrium of the energy in our body. The energy is flowed from these circles and regulated in the body.

Disc ordination in these chakras can lead to physical , mental and emotional illness as the energy gets blocked . Hence chakra healing is used to balance the chakras in our body and to treat all the illnesses caused by it.

There are hundreds of these energy vertices (chakras) in our body but 7 of the main chakras situated in the endocrine system are mainly studied and make a chakra system . These chakra system describes a profound formula for wholeness, spanning the full spectrum of human experience. It includes your physical and emotional self , your egoic self , your relational and creative self , your intuitive self , your highest self and your internal soul. We teach various ways of chakra balancing in the chakra healing course designed personally by our healer including diet , crystals , colour therapy and many more .

*Same schedule every month till December 2017(except June). These Prices don't include food & accommodation.

Chakra Healing Course Schedule and Price (2017-18)

Chakra Healing

18th - 22nd May

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